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Cedar River Kleine Münsterländers on the hunt!
Abby and some doves.
Below are some pictures from the 2013-14 hunting season!
Pictures from our 2014-2015 hunting season are below. I hope you enjoy viewing them and much as we enjoyed making them!
Max with a turkey that he tracked for a local bowhunter.
Dan and his buddies and some morning ducks! Max was the pick up dog.
Abby with a wood duck on a rainy cold morning.
Abby with another woody!
JIm and Ea waiting for some doves. Ea was here for a breeding with Max. We thought we would put her to work!
Bad hair day Mary with Baja and her doves.
Amsel vom Cedar River ( Eva) with her handler, Harald, waiting for doves.
Jake with Alpha vom Cedar River with their ducks for the day.
Baja retrieving a ND bird.
Baja swimming the bird across a canal.
Baja on point, Max honoring.
Jim posing with his game.
Abby and her bird.
Jim and EA.
Baja and her ND pheasant.
Me, Neil, Jax and Jim in ND.
Max blood trailed this buck for a great recovery.
Abby with a nice retrieve
Abby on point and Max backing
Members of PLC Church after their pheasant hunt. They used Max and Abby for their hunt.
Max and Baja with some Iowa roosters.
Abby and her woody, Max with my first mallard.
Max and Ea. Ea is here for a breeding with Max. This will be one of his last and we plan on keeping a pup.
Max and Baja Nov 12, 5 minute hunt.
Baja after a 30 minute walk. Nov 14th